Quador™️ - Acupressure Mat

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Want to feel a moment of deep relaxation?

Every year brings its share of stress and housework, and that can quickly affect our morale and body. Let's not let it get us down and take the time to relax!

We are pleased to present you our new relaxation accessory: an innovative acupressure mat.

  • Ease your pain

Lying on the mat releases endorphins (natural painkillers) into your body that naturally reduce pain and relax your muscles.

  • Reduces stress

The mat improves your mood and makes your body relax intensely which reduces your stress.

  • Improves sleep

The mat promotes deep sleep cycles which gives you more energy and makes you feel fresher throughout the day. It also reduces insomnia and other problems that can keep you from a good night's sleep.

An acupressure mat: what is that?

It is a gymnastics / yoga mat decorated with small nubs on its entire surface. And you don't have to be an expert to use it. You just simply lay down. 

This concept is directly inspired by acupuncture and traditional Asian medicine. When you lie on it, the spots act like needles, and thanks to the weight of the body, the strategic points are stimulated. 

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Just received my second order and again I'm amazed by the quality. By far the best for this price range!


I've been shopping at tashi for over 3 years now and absolutely love it! Never let me down!


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Here in Tashi Town we offer premium quality with high-end design created by the world's best product designers. Of course, all created with environment friendly material!

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