HydroFast™️ - 360° High Pressure Cleaner

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Cut your cleaning time in half with HydroFast™️

Take your cleaning to the next level with the HydroFast™️ surface cleaner for high-pressure cleaners.

If you’re like me, you’ve tried all of the chemicals, the scrub brushes, and the fancy pressure washers from the home improvement store and still spent hours, even DAYS cleaning with marginal results. For most people, none of that works.

- The chemicals are abrasive or smelly,
- The pressure washers with the single nozzle take forever to work (if they do at all), and
- You probably end up with splotchy or uneven results, only to dread the same time next month to do it all again!

And what happens if you just do nothing? The problem gets worse and worse… until one day you have to call in the professionals – which is really expensive.

We realized that most pressure wash nozzles cover only a very small surface (which is why it takes SO long to clean).

- So, we designed a pressure washing head that would cover an amazing 15” in diameter!
- That cleans in just a fraction of the time of a standard nozzle or pressure washer.
- And is 20x times more efficient than a standard nozzle!

It's great for cleaning garage floorspaversrooftopsdrivewayspatiossidewalksdecksgarage doors and other flat surfaces.

  • Enjoy 20x more efficient surface cleaning
  • Clean paths without streaks or splashes
  • Ideal for your driveway, roof, patio, deck, sidewalk, and other flat surfaces
  • Superior workmanship, lasts for years without needing to be replaced
  • Compatible with most brands of gas & electric pressure/power using quick disconnect adapter


It works in seconds and cleans large surfaces up to 20x faster than a regular pressure wash with a standard nozzle.

What used to take hours (or even days) to clean your driveways, pathways & patios now takes just a fraction of the time. 

It's the type of DIY job you'll actually enjoy doing.

Order the HydroFast™️ now at 75% off! Only while supplies last!

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Just received my second order and again I'm amazed by the quality. By far the best for this price range!


I've been shopping at tashi for over 3 years now and absolutely love it! Never let me down!


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