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(5/5) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "I am a real meat eater. I have a Big Green Egg and this knife goes perfectly with it. The meat cleaver cuts through meat like butter. I'm super satisfied! That's why I give it five stars!“ -  Mark O.


The sharpest & most practical knife in your kitchen

  • Incomparable sharpness
  • Forged from real Japanese steel
  • Very safe to use
  • Ergonomic handle



How can I use the Kuyo Knife ™ for meat, vegetables, and fish?

When it comes to meat, the right direction of cut is important. Place the meat on a wooden board and look closely at the muscle fibers (strips) of the meat. If the fibers run horizontally from left to right, cut across the grain with the kitchen knife, i.e. at a 90 ° angle to the course of the fibers. This will make the meat up to three times as tender as if you cut it along the grain with a knife. Thanks to the sharp blade of the knife, the meat can be even more tender. At a restaurant that specializes in meat, you often get a sharp kitchen knife instead of a steak knife. The reason for this is that you can cut meat particularly well with a smooth, sharp carving knife.

Some vegetables do not cut well - for example, sweet potatoes, carrots, or tubers. Because they are so hard, cutting with a conventional knife is dangerous. The risk that you cut your fingers with the kitchen knife or slip off is high.

Our carving knife lies comfortably in the hand and is particularly sharp. The shape also makes it easier to safely and conveniently cut various types of vegetables. Our knife cuts through the toughest vegetables like butter. You will never want to use another kitchen knife again!

Would you like to fillet or bone a fish, but don't have a filleting knife on hand? Then the Kuyo Knife ™ carving knife is just right for you! Thanks to the tip, you can easily cut the fish in half and separate the fillet pieces from the bones. Since the knife is particularly sharp, you can also use it wonderfully for cutting sashimi. In addition, you can easily cut fish into beautiful pieces with the meat cleaver.

Why is the Kuyo Knife ™ the perfect knife for meat, vegetables, and fish?

✅ Incomparable sharpness

Our Kuyo Knife ™ is guaranteed to be the sharpest knife in your kitchen. Since it was forged from particularly high-quality Japanese steel, this knife remains sharp for a long time and can be used for years without having to be sharpened!

✅ The safest knife in 2021!

Did you know that most accidents in the kitchen are caused by blunt knives? Our knife was chosen as one of the safest knives because it fits perfectly in the hand and you, therefore, have full control over it.


The structure of the knife

Perfectly shaped, ergonomic handle

The Kuyo Knife ™ carving knife has an ergonomic handle that is designed so that it fits perfectly in each hand and is not too thick. If a knife handle is too thick, you cannot cut with it for long or you will get hand cramps. Our handle is not too thin either, because a handle that is too thin offers no stability and makes cutting hard or large pieces of meat, vegetables, or fish dangerous.   

A razor-sharp blade that does not stick

There are some eye-catching details on the blade of the knife: the shape, the troughs, and the hole. Many kitchen knives have a straight underside or a slightly curved underside and a smooth blade without a hole.

In our design, we slightly beveled the top of the knife. There are several advantages to this. This makes it easier to remove the stalk from vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower. In addition, the beveled blade makes it easier to cut hard vegetables such as sweet potatoes or tuber. Together with the sharpness of the knife, this ensures that you can easily get through even the toughest piece of vegetables. The angled and super sharp tip of the kitchen knife is also perfect for filleting along with the herringbone. With meat, a good cut ensures that it is particularly tender.

The hollows in the Kuyo Knife ™ meat cleaver have a special function. They make sure that what you cut doesn't stick to the knife. With conventional carving knives, pieces of fish and meat that are moist or pieces of vegetables stick to the blade due to their juices. This is awkward if you want to cut even more. You don't have this problem with our knife. Thanks to the hollows, there is always some air between the knife and the piece you are cutting. So nothing sticks and you can happily continue cutting with the kitchen knife.

If you're a pocket knife lover, this probably sounds familiar: a finger hole. You can simply stick a finger through the finger hole while cutting. This leads to more hold, stability, and a safer, more precise cutting feeling. This makes it even easier for you to cut meat and vegetables because you are one with the knife. Thanks to the finger hole, you can hold the knife even tighter in your hand and the risk of slipping and cutting your fingers with the carving knife is further reduced.

Please note: The knife is not supplied with a cover.

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