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The Super Waterproof Tape: always tacky and pressure sensitive sealant with good adhesion. They are ideal for filling gaps and sealing joints.


  • This butyl sealing tape is made of butyl rubber by special processing, non-toxic, no contraction, anti-aging, sealing, waterproofing, high and low temperature resistance, fire retardant, insulation, chemical resistant and UV resistant.
  • Roof repair tape Rubber sealing tape covered with aluminium foil. This sealing tape is commonly used in building roofing, surface cracks, caravan repair, windows, boat seals, glass and roof surfaces.
  • These tapes are supplied with butyl rubber, which has well-extruded, always tacky and pressure-sensitive sealant adhesion. They can seal immediately against water, air or dust and remain permanently soft.
  • It can maintain flexibility, adhesion, can withstand a certain degree of displacement and deformation has good traceability.
  • Very easy to use. Simply peel off the detached film and apply this butyl sealing tape to the desired location.
  • This tape is widely used in building roofing, surface cracking, RV repair, window and boat sealing, glass and roof patching.


  • Material: aluminium foil / butyl rubber
  • Size: 5CM * 5M, 10CM * 5M, 15CM * 5M
  • Impermeable: impermeable
  • Elongation at break: high
  • Flexural strength: high
  • Compressive strength: high
  • Tensile strength: high
  • Tear Strength: high


  • Please wear gloves because of the strong stickiness to prevent your hand from getting stuck.
  • The product should be stored at room temperature to avoid humidity.
  • Do not use it with other waterproof materials such as benzene, benzene, ethylene, silicone, etc.

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